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Due to scalability, agility, availability and affordability, migration to cloud is becoming an inevitable move for businesses. However, data stored in the cloud is scattered, impossible to keep track of and maintain. Traditional security approach which focus on firewall and network perimeter protection are no longer valid. As potential threats increase, security risks are also increasing. As a result, companies need to find ways to leverage the benefits of cloud computing while minimizing security risks.
Data breach is not a matter of if,
but a matter of when.

From the moment your data is compromised, to the entire investigation and recovery process, the effects of a data breach significantly impact business operations. Depending on the severity, data breaches can result in long periods time recovering.

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Spiceware on Cloud

An Automated Cloud-native PII Protection Service for Enterprises

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Our Service

Security in the cloud is critical, but only a handful of solutions work properly, not to mention there is a lack of cloud security experts. Conventional solutions can't be installed at all or only a few features can be installed in a cloud setting, resulting in manual effort which is both time-consuming and costly. Spiceware's Privacy Lifecycle service is optimized for cloud environments, making it simple to operate without modification of source codes. Best of all, it completely eliminates the possibility of data leaks by increasing the visibility and reliability needed for data security in the cloud.
An easy-to-maintain protection solution for the cloud

With Spiceware, you don't need an expert to get protection in the cloud. Our automated encryption service eliminates potential threats and protects data from possible breaches.

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An automated collection, detection, and encryption of PII

Automatic detection of important data such as personal and financial information with a simple installation of an agent.

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Real-time management of PII Access Log

Monitor the system in real time to detect threats and prevent accidents from occuring.

Protection and utilization of PII

Customizable privacy model setting anonymizes and pseudonymizes PII, assessing the risk of re-identification.

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‘Remove and destroy’ feature alerts and deletes collected PII

Spiceware allows companies to manage PII more easily and effectively in accordance with privacy protection regulations and guidelines guaranteeing users’ “right to be forgotten.”



A scalable & convenient solution to increasingly complex cybersecurity threats. Stabilize your business now with Spiceware’s PII Lifecycle Platform that can be easily applied to any complex computing environments.
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  • Protects patients’ sensitive medical information
  • Keeps access record for future audits
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  • Protects sensitive data and intellectual property
  • Supports technology adoption and digital transformation
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  • Applicable to existing technology used in government systems
  • Applicable to complex cloud environments such as private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Complies with strict privacy protection regulations
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  • Protects highly sensitive financial data
  • Protects PII during data transfer
  • Full compliance with privacy protection regulations

About Us

Spiceware protects all data handled by enterprises in finance, public, telecommunications, and healthcare sectors. We provide data security and PII protection services for building infrastructure utilizing cloud, big data, and AI.
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Kunwoo Kim
Smart Jack Co., Ltd.

"Spiceware helps our company safely stores client information. A company should encrypt valuable data for not only the on-premise environment but also for cloud computing. This solution is really easy to use and setup is really simple to manage. With Spiceware, data security is kept at a maximum."

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JaeByung Park
CareDoc Inc.

"Before using Spiceware, a safety protection operation was an impossible task. Using the agent has simplified the process and customer service was amazing. I look forward to continuing the service."

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Dong Ik Lee
Habit Factory

"Spiceware is definitely user-friendly with convenient administrator's interface. It adopts the filter method which encrypts just personal information needed before reaching the application. Due to this technique, data is stored safely and prevents data breach or other cyber attacks. Whenever I needed help, customer service was available right away to solve my issues."